KidsGig (Growing in God).
 On Sunday morning children age 3 to Year 6   
Stay for the beginning of our service, participating in singing and our Family Spot. They leave for an age appropriate program where they explore the Bible and how they can develop their understanding and relationship with Jesus.
 All leaders and volunteers operate under Safe Ministry Guidelines.

A separate carpeted area is provided for parents and little ones. There are toys and a linked tv to hear the Service. Ages 0-2.
Feel free to bring your child into the service - noise is not a problem !
We love getting involved in College activities !

Ways we connect include :
* Working Bee morning teas
* Chapel & Term Services
* Country Fair
* Golf Day​​
​* Prayer for Staff & Students
Over January we did a 'Summer in the Psalms' series. We were reminded of the importance to delight in God and His work, to trust him with the thought times in life and to commit to sharing God’s good news of himself and his Son, Jesus, with the world. This term, we will do a short series on 'The Joy of Generosity', looking at how we can serve each other, our church and our community with the gifts and resources God has entrusted us with. To round out the term, we will do a series on 'Jesus is__’. This relates to the mission we will participate in during March and leads up to Easter.
We have a great new program for youth. Please contact our lead pastor if you are interested.​

Connect Groups provide opportunities to develop 
partnerships in faith, life & prayer.
Talk to us more about connect groups.