What else do I need to know?

If you are new to our Church, this page will help you to know exactly what to expect when you come on a Sunday.
​We can't wait to meet you !

​If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.
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    What happens on a Sunday?
    We meet each Sunday at 9am, in the Wollondilly Anglican College Auditorium. Our worship includes a mix of contemporary & traditional Christian songs, Bible readings & reflections, videos, kids talks, prayer & a sermon. The children are invited to leave, part way through the service and engage in fun games, songs and activities in an adjacent classroom.
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    What should I wear?
    Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable - some of our church family like to dress up and others turn up in shorts and thongs!
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    What should I bring?
    You are not required to bring anything, just a readiness to engage and meet new people. We will provide bibles, a cuppa and morning tea !
  4. 4
    Can I sit anywhere?
    Feel free to sit anywhere you like. if you are feeling brave we would love it if you came and sat in the front row ! There is also room for baby prams or mobility aids to be put in the side aisles. Feel free to reposition chairs to fit whatever you need.
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    Will I be asked for money?
    No. At the end of the service, our regular members will be invited to contribute to the offertory jar at the back of the auditorium, as they leave. As a visitor we would love you to come to our service without any expectation to give money.
  6. 5
    What time do I get there and where do I park?
    If you arrive 10 minutes before the service it will give you a chance to orientate yourself and say hello. The College is on Remembrance drive, between Bargo and Tahmoor. Drive through the main gates and you will find a car park behind the Auditorium.
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    What happens if my kids are noisy?
    That is not a problem. We are a child-friendly family service and welcome all ages to be part of it. However, if your child's noise level is bothering you, feel free to take them into the foyer area where we have a linked TV monitor. There is a creche area provided there also.
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    Are there toilets and any other facilities I could use?
    Male & Female toilets are provided inside the Auditorium. Plus a toilet which caters for people with disabilities. There is also a kitchen with a microwave. The area is also wheelchair friendly with no steps from the carpark into the seating area.